It's only 28 days.
This is not a trick question.
From Revue
A little late for today, this month passing by so fast and it's almost end of the year??? 😱😱😱
This has been a very "artsy" month for me, more specifically been doing 3D designs with Spline. Supposedly a Halloween month too, but personally not a…
September is also known as Techtember. I think it's mainly because of the Apple event 😛. It's also the one-year anniversary of my newsletter, since the…
It's the National Day month for Singapore (and Malaysia - 31 Aug). There are so many events! It's also the ghost month 👻. And… the weather is…
It's been a month of funemployment for me 🥳. Feels pretty good, except for the super-hot weather in the past few weeks 🥵
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